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Local optimisation
The bridge to your local target group

If you offer most of your services and products locally or have a strong regional connection, this should also be taken into account when optimising your website. Anyone searching regionally for a restaurant, a florist or a hairdresser will be interested in opening hours, the address and reviews from other customers. With Google Business Profile your company has the opportunity to present itself in the best possible light and ensure that interested parties from the neighbourhood find you.

Google Business Profile is the online business directory of the search engine provider Google and therefore an entry is advisable for an optimal linking of website and search engine. A fully and conscientiously completed profile has a good chance of a higher ranking in the local search results. Local SEO is an important tool for search engine optimisation alongside on-page and off-page optimisation.

Local SEO is relevant for the following target groups:

In the context of local optimisation, all measures are required that clearly highlight that an offer has a local or regional connection and help to increase the relevant customer groups to achieve. While it does not matter where an online shop and the ordering customer are located, for example, this is different for local providers. 

A gym primarily appeals to users who are in the same city or even the same neighbourhood, for example. The search engine helps to provide relevant hits from the region. For this to work, you need to be active as a local and regional company and have a corresponding Entry in the business directory to be carried out.



1. preliminary talk

In the preliminary meeting we clarify all the details about your company, such as your products and company data, and we discuss the planned FAQs and postings.


2. regular optimisation

Creating your Google Business Profile entry, entering all data and settings in your profile, checking your reviews and responding to them, publishing posts, creating relevant questions with appropriate answers


3. final discussion

We discuss all the work we have done and answer your questions. We will also give you an outlook on your other options for setting yourself apart from the competition and increasing your visibility even further.

Our service in detail

Our local search engine optimisation includes the following services to achieve optimum visibility for you:

We create a corresponding Google Business Profile account for your company in your company name.

We register you as the owner of the entry and create TG Media as the administrator so that we can take action on your behalf.

We store your correct contact details so that your potential customers can reach you by phone and e-mail and are not left standing in front of a closed door. We keep this data permanently up to date for you.

The correct link to the important Google Maps service is crucial. We check whether the location is correctly entered in Google Maps.

Your company's entry must be listed in the right categories. This is crucial in order to appear in the relevant search queries and be convincing.

These are special features depending on the category that you describe in more detail.

Ratings will display stars on your post, making you stand out in comparison to unrated posts. Most users read through reviews and are influenced by them. To show that your customers' opinions are important to you, you must respond to both negative and positive reviews. On request, we are happy to answer all your reviews on a constant basis.

Answering questions is just as relevant as answering reviews. In order to provide your visitors with additional information, we regularly publish questions and answers in consultation with you.

To show Google that you are active, regular posts should be made on your Google Business Profile. We create and post these in consultation with you.

All these services help to improve the Google ranking of your Google Business Profile entry.

What is the benefit
Google Business Profile
Your company?

In the Google Business Profile directory, users receive Access to the company profile, view the products on offer and read Reviews of other customers. This makes it easier for search engine users to orientate themselves and effectively find the right local offer for them. Anyone whose business is not listed in the Google Business Profile suffers disadvantages compared to the rest of the local competition.

All the main advantages of the business directory are listed here:

Higher visibility in the search engine

More professional web presence

You will find customers from the region

Greater customer benefit

Faster information retrieval

Lower contact threshold

Higher traffic

Competitive advantage

Increased credibility